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Collaborating to create real impact with tobacco harm reduction

The science and evidence-base to support tobacco harm reduction continues to grow. Recent scientific meetings have provided a much-needed face-to-face opportunity to discuss new data and approaches to assessing and understanding the potential of reduced-risk*† alternative tobacco and nicotine products, as well as learning more about the latest innovations, technologies, and perspectives.

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What’s new in Modern Oral products?

We have completed an innovative study of our Veloi Modern Oral nicotine pouches. The results, which have been published in Biomarkers Journal, provide important new evidence to support the role these pouches can play in Tobacco Harm Reduction.

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What’s new in Tobacco Heating Products?

We have delivered our biggest clinical study to date — a year-long prospective study of our flagship Tobacco Heating Product (THP), gloTM. The ground-breaking results, which have been published in Internal and Emergency Medicine, provide important new evidence to support’s glo’s potential as a reduced-risk* alternative to cigarettes.

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Building the scientific evidence for Vuse

Vaping is a well-established alternative to cigarettes with an established evidence-base accumulated over recent years. However, more is needed and it is important to continue to generate new evidence to support this growing category.

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