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Director's View

Our Group Research and Development operates in a competitive sector, and our primary focus is to develop and leverage our science to provide our consumers with innovative products that are superior to those of our competitors.

Nevertheless, given the enormous negative impact that cigarette smoking has on public health, we have long believed that there is an urgent need to develop products that reduce this impact, and that the building of the emerging science base needed to evaluate these products should be non-competitive.

I believe that tobacco harm reduction has the potential to be one of the biggest public health opportunities of this generation.

David O'Reilly

Group Scientific and R&D Director

We also believe that consumers should have access to meaningful product information based on sound science. We understand that we cannot reduce the public-health impact of cigarette smoking by ourselves. Thus, we wish to work more with policy makers, regulators and public-health advocates to create a supportive environment for the development of safer tobacco and nicotine products and to help consumers make informed decisions about such products. Our aim is to develop the best consumer-led products possible based on robust science and make a significant contribution to developing the scientific frameworks that will enable their objective evaluation.

We are pleased to open our doors to interested visitors, to host on-site scientific conferences, to seek collaborations with academic partners under US National Institutes of Health (NIH) grant schemes, to publish in peer-reviewed journals, to present at key scientific conferences and to provide overviews of our goals and achievements on the company website.

We believe that progress is accelerated through dialogue and collaboration, and so your comments are always welcome.

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