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Science engagement
Collaboration within the scientific community is more essential than ever in a world impacted by COVID-19.

The extraordinary speed with which the scientific community was able to develop new treatments and vaccines during the COVID-19 pandemic was, in part, due to forging new partnerships, sharing data, collaboration and working together in new and empowering ways. And this goes to the heart of the BAT philosophy of building A Better Tomorrow™. If we are to transform our business model and ensure that our New Category products reduce the health impact of our business, our teams must be open and collaborative.

Open and transparent

Our industry-leading science is shared across a number of platforms so it can be widely accessed across our teams and partners. The more engagement we can create, the more informed our partners, stakeholders and society-at-large will be. Our dedicated Science Communications team is focused on driving awareness, understanding and engagement with BAT’s science across multiple audiences. By being open and transparent with our data, we believe we can meaningfully contribute to the debate on Tobacco Harm Reduction.

We independently validate the science behind our New Category products through external peer review and have long recognised the value of exposing our research to robust and rigorous challenge from the scientific community, as well as other stakeholders.

Open and transparen

Welcoming visitors

Our world-leading R&D team has worked tirelessly to build awareness and confidence in the science that underpins our New Category products. That is why we were the first tobacco company to allow external visitors to tour our R&D facilities in Southampton, UK. Since 2011, when we first developed our science exhibition centre – R&D Live – we have welcomed more than 3,500 visitors to our research hub, from academics to consumer advocates. We were also the first in our industry to launch a dedicated science website,, to ensure our research results, latest data and peer-reviewed journal articles are accessible to interested stakeholders. In addition, it contains presentations that our chemists, toxicologists and other scientists have made at global conferences. Such scientific engagement is more important than ever.

By continuing to produce world-class science we can help shape the conversation. And by communicating our science in a clear, engaging and informative way, we give ourselves the best possible opportunity to build A Better Tomorrow™.

Welcoming visitors