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Tobacco heating products
Innovation propels our ambition to build A Better Tomorrow™. Our world-leading scientific endeavours have contributed to the development of our Tobacco Heating Products (THPs) – devices that heat tobacco to generate an aerosol with an authentic tobacco taste.
Our flagship THP, glo

This innovative product comprises two main functional parts; an electronic handheld device that contains a lithium-ion battery which powers a heating chamber and a specially designed rod containing homogenised tobacco, called a Neostik, which is inserted into the device.

Everything has been designed so that nicotine and flavour are released through precision heating. The device is, in effect, a mini-oven designed to the highest specifications of thermophysical science.

The burning of a normal cigarette can reach over 900°C but the Neostik in our original glo device reaches around 245°C. This is sufficient to release nicotine, glycerol and flavourings via evaporation and distillation, but not high enough for combustion.

Let's take a closer look at glo pro.

glo pro uses induction heating and operates at a temperature of around 250°C on the standard profile. It also has a Boost Mode which enables the device to be ready for use in ten seconds.

Use the 360-technology to explore how glo pro works.

Ground-breaking results from our THP clinical study

We are conducting our first year-long randomised study in the UK to see what impact switching entirely from cigarettes to glo in a real-world setting will have on markers of smoking-related disease development in the long term1, 2.

During the study, participants visit one of four clinics each month for samples of blood and urine and other physiological measurements, and to complete health-related questionnaires. Their blood is also tested for signs of exposure to cigarette smoke so that we can measure whether participants have complied with the trial protocol, which helps to ensure data analysis is more accurate.

The results from the 6-month timepoint have shown that switching completely to glo resulted in statistically significant changes across a range of biomarkers of exposure (BoE), and health indicators, known as biomarkers of potential harm (BoPH), compared to continuing to smoke3.

Watch the video below to find out more about our clinical study.

Our clinical study

Based on the toxicants measured, glo users showed a significant reduction in a biomarker for lung cancer risk (NNAL), a significant reduction in white blood cell count, an inflammatory marker associated with cardiovascular disease (CVD), cancer, and chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD), and reductions across other markers3.

This is the first real-world evidence that demonstrates the potential reduction in health risks from exclusive use of glo compared with smoking. Full results, which will inform our population modelling, are expected later in 2021.

“We designed this study to explore the potential of glo when used by people going about their every-day lives, so the importance of the results we have achieved cannot be underestimated”, says Nathan Gale, a senior clinical scientist who led the study.

“To show a significant favourable change in all of these measures over a 6-month period provides further scientific substantiation of the harm reduction potential of glo and how it supports our ambition to build A Better Tomorrow™ by reducing the health impact of our business.”

Watch the video below to see the exciting data from the 6-month time point

Data from the 6-month time point.

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