BAT scientists are attending SOT 2018!

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BAT scientists are attending SOT 2018!
News release

07 March 2018

Next week our scientists are visiting San Antonio for the annual Society of Toxicology (SOT) conference.

Here is a list of our activities at this year’s SOT.

Monday 12th March


  • Absence of in vitro mutagenic and genotoxic properties of two superficial tobacco extracts
    Scott, K. Le Godec, T. Crooks, C. Allbutt, B. Nightingale, J. McAdam, K. Meredith, C.
    15:00* – CC Exhibit Hall | 1506/P724

Tuesday 13th March

Roundtable Discussion:

A highlight of this year’s SOT conference, our Chief Scientific Officer, Dr Chris Proctor, will be taking part in a roundtable event on the evaluations of next-generation nicotine products. Be there at 11:00am, this is not to be missed!

  • Alternative Toxicology Approaches to Evaluate Next-Generation Nicotine Products
    Chairperson: Jack Fowle
    Speakers: Erin Hill, Warren Casey, Thomas Hartung, Christopher Proctor


  • The in vitro biological assessment of a tobacco heating product and comparison with a cigarette smoke.
    Breheny, D. Adamson, J. Bozhilova, S. Jaunky, T. Taylor, M. Santopietro, S. Terry, A. Thorne, D. Gaҫa, M.
    13:30 – CC Exhibit Hall | 2371/P725
  • In vitro RNA-seq-based toxicogenomics assessment shows reduced biological effect of tobacco heating products when compared to cigarette smoke
    Haswell, L. Corke, S. Jaunky, T. Santopietro, S. Baxter, A. Thorne, D. Minet, E. Gaça, M.
    15:00 – CC Exhibit Hall | 1936/P269
  • The characterisation of a human two Organ-on-a-Chip (lung-liver) system which has the potential to measure systemic responses in vitro
    Collaboration with CN Bio
    Dalrymple, A. Kostrzewski, T. Maraver, P. Corke, S. Hughes, D. Gaca, M.
    15:00 – CC Exhibit Hall | 2137/P474

We will be tweeting throughout the conference. Visit @BAT_Sci for updates!

Wednesday 14th March


  • An Integrated Multi-Organ Culture System to Evaluate Tobacco Extract Systemic Responses
    Collaboration with IONTOX
    Hibbard, N. Dalrymple, A. Corpus, B. Baxter, A. Gaca, M. McKim, J.
    09:15 – CC Exhibit Hall | 3132/P760
  • The assessment of native undiluted e-cigarette aerosol in vitro using 3D reconstituted human airway epithelium
    Bishop E. Haswell L. Adamson J. Costigan. S. Thorne D. Gaca M.
    10:45 – CC Exhibit Hall | 2799/P321
  • Reversibility of in vitro biological effects in cigarette smoke- exposed 3D lung tissues following switching to a tobacco heating product
    Haswell, L. Corke, S. Jaunky, T. Santopietro, S. Baxter, A. Thorne, D. Minet, E. Dalrymple, A.  Gaça, M.
    10:45 – CC Exhibit Hall | 2798/P320
  • Comparative in vitro toxicological evaluation of novel tobacco heating product
    Thorne, D. Breheny, D. Kendall, B. Proctor, C. Gaca, M.
    10:45 – CC Exhibit Hall | 2807/P329
  • Nicotine characterization of an in vitro inhalation exposure system using conventional and next generation tobacco products: a US/UK interlaboratory comparison
    Collaboration with IIVS
    Aragon, M. Adamson, J. Behrsing, H. Sheehan, D. Gaca, M. Raabe, H.
    13:00 – CC Exhibit Hall  | 2371/P725


Thursday 15th March


  • Cytotoxicity Response of Combustible Cigarette and Electronic Nicotine Delivery System in a 3D Human Oral Tissue Model
    Collaboration with Reynolds American International
    Keyser, B. Dalrymple, A. Thorne, D. Hollings, M. Seymour, A. Gaca, M. Fields, W.
    08:30 – CC Hall 1 | P190
  • A clinical study investigating changes in exposure to cigarette smoke chemicals in Japanese smokers who switch to using a tobacco heating product for a five-day period
    Gale, N. Hardie, G. McEwan, M. Eldridge, A. Errington, G. McDermott, S. Glew, J. Hedge, A. Murphy, J. Proctor, C. Fearon, I.
    08:30 – CC Hall 1 | 3513/P303
  • A clinical study investigating changes in exposure to cigarette smoke chemicals in UK smokers who switch to using a tobacco heating product over a five-day period
    McEwan, M. Gale, N. Eldridge, A. Errington. G. Graff. D. Murphy. J. Proctor. C. Fearon, I.
    08:30 – CC Hall 1 | 3517/P307
  • An interlaboratory in vitro toxicological assessment of next generation nicotine delivery products (NGPs)
    Collaboration with Japan Tobacco International
    Ito, S. Taylor, M. Mori, S. Thorne, D. Oke, O. Bozhilova, S. Terry, A. Pop, R. Breheny, D. Yoshino, K. Gaca, M. Nishino, T. Proctor, C.
    08:30 – CC Hall 1 | 3561/P353
  • Human In-Vitro Models for Respiratory Toxicology: Evaluation of Goblet Cell Hyperplasia, Mucus Production, and Ciliary Beating Assays
    Collaboration with IIVS TWS
    Aragon, M.  Frentzel, S. Hoeng, J. Ito, S. Ishikawa, S. Budde, J. Maione, A. Hayden, P. Haswell, L. Azzopardi, D. Keyser, B. Fields, W. Behrsing, H.
    08:30 – CC Hall 1 | 3220/P101


All poster materials will be fully available online after the event, however, be sure to come by
and meet us if you’re at the conference!
If however, you cannot attend, then keep an eye on our Twtter (@BAT_Sci) feed throughout the week for updates on all our activities.
*Please note all times are local – CST.



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