Looking for an exciting challenge in science communication?

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Looking for an exciting challenge in science communication?
News release

12 October 2017

We are recruiting a website and social media manager.

British American Tobacco’s Research & Development team are industry leaders in next generation tobacco and nicotine products (such as vaping and tobacco heating), researching the physical and chemical profiles of these products and establishing the potential reduced risk that they could have for consumers when compared with smoking.
This new research focus is transforming the tobacco industry and we are engaging on our science as never before. This has created an exciting opportunity in R&D’s Science Collaboration & Communications team for a Web, Social Media and Engagement Manager.

The SC&C team drive creation and implementation of BAT R&D’s strategies for scientific communication on our harm reduction research to improve awareness and visibility of our approach, especially within the external scientific community. The team works closely with BAT’s scientists undertaking cutting edge research, constantly exploring new routes of building the reputation of BAT’s R&D department as a centre for excellence.

The post-holder is responsible for writing content for and managing our dedicated science website, bat-science.com, and our social media presence (e.g. @BAT_Sci Twitter handle), and is expected to also lead on both design and expansion of these and other tools, working with appropriate third parties to deliver industry-leading web-based science communications. In addition, the post holder will be an integral part of the team and support a variety of engagement activities.


• Adept use of social media skills to manage the @BAT_Sci Twitter feed aiming for our communications to reach a wide range of audiences while showcasing BAT’s scientific programme and achievements.

• Utilise effective website management skills to take the lead on bat-science.com through content writing and delivery management.

• As an experienced scientific communicator, translate our latest scientific research into compelling and accessible information for a wide audience.

• Use market knowledge to analyse the impact of the online communications and feedback into discussions on communication strategies.

• Reflect BAT R&D’s attitudes of openness and scientific credibility in its external communications.


The role is broad, exciting and perfect for someone with skills in science communication.

We are looking for a scientist with excellent digital communication and media skills or a digital communication specialist (or journalist) with an aptitude and passion for working in a dynamic scientific environment and with scientific content.

For more information on the role and how to apply, please visit: goo.gl/xqhMZ4 

Or send us an email to information@bat.com


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