Science & Technology Report 2015

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Science & Technology Report 2015
News release

03 March 2016

Available today, British American Tobacco’s 2015 Science & Technology Report details significant strides in the science of tobacco harm reduction made by BAT’s R&D department over the last year.

By leveraging world-class science, stimulating scientific collaboration, and openly engaging with stakeholders, the company is striving to accelerate the development of safer tobacco and nicotine products.

Strong stewardship is central to British American Tobacco’s development of next generation products and, having made this a research priority, the report details the company’s expanded research efforts — from plant biotechnology and aerosol science to toxicity testing and population modelling — to ensure its e-cigarettes and tobacco heating products (THPs) are fully characterized and as safe as possible. Also covered is the real-world impact of BAT’s products, where the company is leading the way in product testing and risk assessment — developing studies reflecting the complexities of human behaviour so that effects of these products on the population as a whole can be assessed.

‘We have taken the lead in sharing information about our research into tobacco harm reduction,’ says David O’Reilly, Group Scientific and R&D Director at British American Tobacco. ‘We are committed to an open and transparent approach, and in this report we have showcased our approach to the reduced risk substantiation of next generation products.’

The report has been produced in print (copies available on request) or can be downloaded below as an interactive PDF that contains additional video interviews with senior BAT scientists.

Our Science and Technology 2015 Report is available from the Apple iBook store for iPhone, iPad and Mac at

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For Android, click to download the ePub (175Mb).

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An Interactive PDF file which includes all videos can be downloaded here BAT Science and Technology Report 2015 (149Mb).

There is also a lighter version without videos which can be download here BAT Science and Technology Report 2015 Light version (53Mb).

The videos can be viewed online below.

Dr David O'Reilly
R&D at BAT
Dr Christopher Proctor
Stewardship and next generation products
Dr Kevin McAdam
Evolution of e-cigarettes
Dr Marianna Gaça
Product Testing
Emmanuel Minet
Systems science
John McAughey
Aerosol science
Dr James Murphy
A scientific framework for product assessment
Sarah Cooney
Our open approach


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