Science and Technology Report 2014 - new app released

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Science and Technology Report 2014 - new app released
News release

15 January 2014

We’ve published our first Science and Technology Report, providing an overview of Group Research & Development’s current capability and future goals to leverage world-class science in developing and assessing novel technologies with the aim of creating safer tobacco and nicotine products.

This report forms part of our essential approach of openness and transparency on non-competitive science, and we expect its content to both facilitate further dialogue and collaboration on tobacco regulatory  science, but also provide non-scientists an insight to our approaches.

An app has now been released with additional multimedia content, including video interviews with some of our key scientists. For iPad, search for BAT R&D  in the iTunes store. Other devices can access the report through our web-based app .

Chris Proctor, Chief Scientific Officer, said “Despite massive strides in external acceptance of the role our science can play in underpinning tobacco harm reduction, there remains pressure to prohibit us from contributing, as seen by the recent ban on manuscripts reporting science from tobacco companies introduced by the British Medical Journal.  The 2014 Science and Technology Report is unique in that it sets out our ambitions in the non-competitive science of tobacco harm reduction, rather than simply reporting on what we have already done.  In doing so, it becomes a call for more collaborative research between all interested parties, in an area of scientific endeavour that could become one of the most important public health initiatives of the 21st Century - tobacco harm reduction.”

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- Science and Technology Report 2014 (4,098kb) 

Printed copies of the report are available on request, please use the secure enquiries form.



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