Sustainability report - a focus on harm reduction

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Sustainability report - a focus on harm reduction
News release

06 November 2013

Our Sustainability Focus Reports provide stakeholders with more in-depth information on the topics that interest them most.

These reports complement our annual Sustainability Summary Report , published in March, which provides an overview of our performance for the year across all areas of the Group sustainability agenda.

The first of our Focus Reports, published on 6 November 2013, covers how we're working to address the public health impact of our products, including:

  • Developing nicotine-based alternatives, including e-cigarettes and other inhaled nicotine devices; and
  • Scientific research into reduced-risk tobacco products, including reduced toxicant cigarettes and innovative next generation tobacco products.

Interactive PDF

Download the PDF, including interactive content and links to videos and further online information.

- A Focus on Harm Reduction interactive PDF (2,686 kb)

Print-friendly PDF

For a print-friendly version, please download the standard PDF.

- A Focus on Harm Reduction print-friendly PDF (1,222 kb)

Free app for iPad and Android tablets

To download and install the Focus Reports free app on your tablet, use the appropriate link.

Printed copies of the report are available on request. Please contact:
British American Tobacco Publications
Unit 80, London Industrial Park, Roding Road, London E6 6LS
Tel: +44 (0)20 7511 7797; fax: +44 (0)20 7540 4326



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