The science behind



Activation button


puretech distiller plate



Three power levels

USB charging port

  1. Mouthpiece
  2. Activation button
  3. Blade
  4. puretech distiller plate
  5. Casing
  6. Battery
  7. Three power levels
  8. USB charging port

Vype iSwitch is a revolutionary closed vapour system.

This powerful device uses new-to-world puretech distiller plate technology to heat e-liquid.


How we tested the Vype iSwitch

Let’s see how the Vype iSwitch performed when put to the test by our scientists.


Around 99%* reduced toxicants

Chemistry tests tell us what is in the iSwitch vapour. This is important because this is what a consumer is potentially exposed to when they use it. Vapour devices like iSwitch don’t contain tobacco and therefore should have less toxicants in their vapour than smoke.

We performed a series of chemical tests designed to look for specific compounds in the iSwitch vapour, and we compared the results with what is in cigarette smoke.

Our results reveal the iSwitch vapour to have fewer and lower levels of certain toxicants than cigarette smoke. Some toxicants found in smoke are not in iSwitch vapour at all and others are much reduced by around 99%.*

Our results confirm the simple composition of the iSwitch vapour, compared to smoke. iSwitch consumers should therefore be exposed to less toxicants than smokers.

*Comparison of smoke from a 1R6F reference cigarette and vapour from Vype iSwitch, in terms of the 9 harmful components the World Health Organization recommends to reduce in cigarette smoke. This quality does not mean this product is less harmful than tobacco products.

Low or no impact on human cells

Biological tests tell us what the iSwitch vapour does to human cells in the lab and how that compares to what smoke does to cells. We already know from chemical testing that iSwitch vapour contains less harmful chemicals than smoke. In theory therefore, cells exposed to iSwitch vapour should experience less toxicity compared to smoke.

We use living human cells in the lab as models for tissues and organs in the body, and test the impact of the vapour on these cells and compare it to the impact of cigarette smoke.

Cells exposed to smoke exhibit many responses relevant to disease development, whereas those cells exposed to iSwitch either exhibit much lower responses or no response at all.*

This quality does not necessarily mean this product is less harmful than tobacco products, but may add to growing evidence that iSwitch has the potential to be reduced risk compared to conventional cigarettes.

*Comparison of smoke from a 1R6F reference cigarette and vapour from Vype iSwitch, in terms of mutagenicity, genotoxicity, cytotoxicity and tumour-promoting potential.