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Vapour products are battery-powered devices that heat e-liquid to produce an inhalable vapour.

Although e-liquid may contain nicotine originally derived from tobacco, there is no tobacco in vapour products.

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ePen 3

How vapour products work

The atomizer – the part that produces the vapour – typically consists of a tiny electric heating coil wrapped around a wick made of cotton or glass fibre. When a consumer puffs on a vapour product, e-liquid is drawn onto the coil where it is heated to form a vapour that is then inhaled.

There are two basic types of vapour devices: closed and open systems. Closed systems are devices that are either prefilled with e-liquid or use prefilled cartridges that can be disposed of and replaced after use. Open systems in contrast, have a refillable tank into which the user can add e-liquid from a bottle.




Testing our vapour products

Many in public health believe that vapour products are reduced-risk products compared to conventional cigarettes. That is why we developed a framework of tests to assess Vype. The results of our tests and studies so far help us build a picture of Vype and how it compares to a cigarette in terms of its potential for reduced risk.

To safeguard consumers, our entire approach to developing vapour products is underpinned by responsible product stewardship. We use a wide range of analytical techniques, specialised laboratory technology, and expertise to rigorously test exactly what each vapour product contains and produces and the biological effects. All elements of a device, including the battery and electronics, are methodically assessed.

We test what’s in the vapour and, using vaping robots and human tissues, what happens when cells are exposed to the vapour. We also study the way consumers actually use vapour products to ensure that all of our tests reflect real use, and also evaluate the risk to human health at both the individual and population levels. Find out more about how we test our products.

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Vype vapour at a glance


Behavioural science tests

Behavioural studies can help us understand how people use Vype products


Chemistry tests

Chemistry tests tell us what’s in Vype vapour


Biological tests

Biological tests tell us what the Vype vapour does to human cells in the lab


Clinical tests

Clinical studies help us understand the impact Vype has on people


Less toxicants in ePen 3

*Comparison to 1R6F ref cigarette and vapour from Vype ePen 3, ref to 9 harmful components WHO recommends to reduce in cigarette smoke. This quality does not necessarily mean this product is less harmful than tobacco products