Our story

We are BAT Science


Our purpose is to build A Better Tomorrow by reducing the health impact of our business through offering a greater choice of less risky products for our consumers.

Here at BAT, we have used our 117+ years of expertise in tobacco to develop a portfolio of products in tobacco, nicotine and beyond.

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Our story

The reduced-risk potential of New Category Products needs to be supported by sound science. We conduct cutting-edge research to evaluate our new category products and apply the highest standards for product safety and quality.

Globally, we have over 1,500 R&D specialists focused on researching and developing New Category products and we openly share our science on this website. To date, we have published 110+ peer-reviewed research papers on our New Category products and the results indicate they have the potential to be significantly less risky than cigarettes. We are continuing to establish more evidence to support this.


Our focus

Our New Category products are rigorously tested by our scientists to make sure they are as safe and as satisfying as possible. Our five-step risk assessment framework analyses how people use vapour and tobacco heating products, what is in the emissions, how the emissions impact human cells in the lab, how the products affect the body in clinical trials, and what impact the products could have on the population. Find out more about our science.

Safe and satisfying products


David O'Reilly

Open communication

We take an open and transparent approach to our work, and all our scientific papers are available for everyone to read and learn from. You can take a look at our library. Our scientists proudly present their research at conferences all over the world and further their learning by collaborating with other experts. Find out more about our science engagement.


Science powering innovation

We are proud of our diverse community of experts whose scientific research is powering our technology and product innovation. We believe an inspired culture of curious, agile and forward-thinking professionals will always be our most competitive differentiation. We acquired Reynolds American Inc. in July 2017 and this brought two strong research & development organisations together. RAI’s scientific papers and conference materials, published from 2018 onwards, can be found in our library.




Technology and innovation

Innovation is key to our new categories pipeline. Our new-to-world technology, the puretech distiller plate, featured in the Vype iSwitch, was the result of an innovative partnership with an Austrian inventor. Find out more about our collaborations with inventors. Our technology scouting unit helps us predict a world that doesn’t exist yet and stay well ahead of the curve. We have become experts in consumer electronics and other new technologies, and our success in this area has been accelerated by recruiting brilliant people from the tech world.


BAT Science at a glance


Vype launched

We launched our first vapour product in 2013


R&D Specialists

Our R&D specialists predominantly focus on new category products


THP team

More than 100 scientists, designers, engineers, and tobacco specialists helped design our tobacco heating product, glo


Years of R&D

Research & Development has been an important part of BAT for more than 60 years


Less toxicants

ePen 3 has 95% less toxicants than cigarettes*

*Comparison to 1R6F ref cigarette and vapour from Vype ePen 3, ref to 9 harmful components WHO recommends to reduce in cigarette smoke. This quality does not necessarily mean this product is less harmful than tobacco products.

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