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06 October 2017

Smoke Science & Product Technology (SSPT) Study Groups for CORESTA 

Some of British American Tobacco’s top scientists are on their way to the Joint Meeting of the Smoke Science & Product Technology (SSPT) Study Groups for CORESTA in Kitzbuhel, Austria for the 8th-12th October to present some of our latest research and the quality science that we have been developing. For anyone interested in what BAT will be presenting,here is a timetable of BAT's contributions to the scientific discussions:


Tuesday 10th October:

09:10-09:30 – Mike McEwan – ST25 – A clinical study in Japanese smokers investigating changes in exposure to cigarette smoke chemicals who switch to using a tobacco heating product for a five-day period

10:10-10:30 – Ian Fearon – ST28 – Nicotine pharmacokinetics of electronic cigarettes: a review of the literature

Thursday 12th October:

11:50-12:10 – David Thorne – ST64 – A novel approach for the screening of e-cigarette aerosols using an Ames whole aerosol assay


Tuesday 10th October – 14:00-16:00

Krishna Prasad – STPOST34 – Optical method for estimating mouth level exposure from conventional cigarettes and next generation tobacco and nicotine products

Mark Taylor – STPOST48 – The in vitro biological assessment of a novel hybrid tobacco product and comparison with a cigarette smoke.

Tomasz Jaunky – STPOST49 – In vitro assessment of a novel prototype e-cigarette

Marianna Gaca – STPOST50 – Vascular endothelial oxidative stress leading to hypertension: development of an AOP using in vitro assays.

Andrew Baxter – STPOST51 – RNA-seq-based toxicogenomics shows limited impact of e-cigarette vapour on airway cells compared with cigarette smoke when matching for nicotine delivery

All posters and presentations will be uploaded to   after the conference to publicly share our science and add to our online catalogue of high quality, cutting-edge research.
If anyone is interest in the full proceedings of the SSPT Meeting for CORESTA, please visit the conference website at: 


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