News release


Euroscience Open Forum

30 June 2014

Scientists from British American Tobacco (BAT) will be taking part in Europe’s largest general science meeting, the Euroscience Open Forum (ESOF), from June 21-26, 2014.

ESOF focuses on science and technology - the latest advances, promoting dialogue on its role in society and public policy, and stimulating public dialogue and interest – through an interdisciplinary, pan-European approach.

The diversity of delegates extends beyond national borders, attracting scientific researchers, leaders in business, scientific media and government officials, all sharing the same desire to discuss the best of European science and addressing major scientific challenges.

Society at large doesn’t yet know what to think or do about e-cigarettes, with many scientific questions yet to be answered. Dr. Sudhanshu Patwardhan from Nicoventures will be speaking on this subject during the session “E-Cigarettes: What’s the Real Medical Innovation Breakthrough? ”. More information on this session, including materials for download, can be found here. 

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