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Science & Technology Report 2017/18

05 June 2018

Our industry-leading science and Next Generation Products have been showcased in our latest Science and Technology Report.

The 2017/18 publication explores the evolution of tobacco science and highlights our world class alternatives to smoking. It also reinforces our commitment to providing open and transparent communications around our non-competitive science.

A new-to-the-world technology that could revolutionise vaping is showcased in the report, with Austrian inventor Helmut Buchberger discussing the innovative plate-based technology featured in the upcoming Vype iSwitch, which is due to be launched later this year.

Our 2015 Science and Technology Report won the ‘Most Impressive Public Service Initiative’ award at the 2016 Global Tobacco and Nicotine Forum (GTNF) conference in Brussels. Building on that success, our latest report has been designed to reach a broader audience, and the eBook features six videos and various animations.

Our latest clinical studies, in vitro testing, and population studies are all featured in the report, along with articles on Japan’s experience with the flagship THP glo and updates on our other nicotine delivery products.

Chris Proctor, BAT’s Chief Scientific Officer, said: “This is our third science and technology report and illustrates great progress in bringing new technologies from concept to consumers, supported by the most advanced science programme we have ever had, demonstrating the harm reduction potential of these new products.”

Download the report from the Apple iBooks Store and For printed copies, please contact

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