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Standards and Codes of Conduct for scientific collaborations and funding

We are committed to exemplary corporate conduct and transparency across the whole business – this includes our R&D function. Being transparent about our science is central to our approach.

We publish details of our scientific research programmes on our dedicated website,, submit the result s of studies to peer-reviewed journals and present widely at leading international conferences and events. We seek to present and publish as much science as possible, and we undertake this science to high standards of research practice. This open and transparent approach extends to all of our scientific collaborations.

We understand that some people are sceptical about research conducted and funded by the tobacco industry, but we know it is our responsibility to contribute to the science of tobacco harm reduction.

We have state-of-the-art R&D facilities and hundreds of scientists covering many different disciplines, and we work in collaboration with external researchers around the world, such as in the USA, Canada, Spain, Germany, China and Russia.

We actively encourage regulators and other scientists to visit our research facilities in the UK.

  • We require collaborators to openly acknowledge BAT’s role (funding or expertise) in any collaboration
  • We encourage collaborators to share any results by presenting at scientific conferences
  • We encourage collaborators to publish results from collaborative work, or arising from BAT funding
  • We are open and transparent about data generated in studies on non-competitive areas of science
  • Where BAT is an active participant in a collaboration, our expectation is that all collaborators will openly discuss the work, and each will play a central role  in taking decisions on the direction of research 
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