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Tobacco heating products

The only way to avoid the serious health risks from smoking cigarettes is to quit altogether. For smokers who cannot give up smoking and don’t want to replace smoking with e-cigarettes or other lower-risk nicotine products, a tobacco heating product may provide an alternative tobacco experience that in the long term may prove to be less harmful than cigarette smoking.

The scientific community widely agrees that the majority of smoking-related diseases are caused not by nicotine but by toxicants present in the tobacco or its smoke, formed during the combustion and pyrolysis of tobacco.

Tobacco heating products use blended or processed tobacco, just like conventional cigarettes. They work by heating tobacco sufficiently to vaporise the nicotine and some other volatile compounds in the tobacco into an inhalable aerosol stream, but not high enough to burn the tobacco. As a result, the aerosol produced by tobacco heating products contains fewer toxicants, the majority of which are at significantly lower levels than in cigarette smoke.

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