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Future studies

Much of our current research programme focuses on relatively short-term tests that we hope will:

  • Measure exposure to smoke and smoke toxicants;
  • Demonstrate reductions in exposure in populations of users; and
  • Demonstrate reductions in biological effects in populations of users.

Other future studies could include consumer trends analyses - including research on the effect of MRTPs on consumption patterns and tobacco use, initiation and cessation.

Our current research may - at best - identify the potential for risk reduction in a particular population of individuals. Even if the health impact on the individual is positive, the availability of such products on the market could result in increased tobacco use in the population and the net impact on public health could be negative. Therefore to investigate the potential for risk reduction in the population as a whole will require specific pre-market studies that enable modelling of population effects, combined with post marketing surveillance and ultimately longer-term public health assessment.

Post-marketing surveillance studies may be the most cost-effective means to rapidly and accurately assess the impact of MRTPs and could provide regulators and manufacturers with better insights into the effects of introducing new products.

We will seek to engage regulators and the scientific community on appropriate ways to assess the overall impact of MRTPs on the population as a whole.

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