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Standardisation of testing

Standardised testing is important to enable comparison between laboratories undertaking e-cigarette testing and between products. In the absence of any standardised testing procedures for e-cigarettes a number of conventional cigarette testing approaches have been used as a basis. However, standard machine smoking parameters for conventional cigarettes require modification for use with e-cigarettes, for example, puff shape may have to be different and puff durations may have to be longer to ensure actuation of the devices, and puff volumes may have to be larger to reflect user behaviour better.

There is a need for an agreed glossary of terms to define measurement parameters.

Analytical methodology to characterise these devices needs to be developed and validated to ensure fitness for purpose.  Extending conventional smoke chemistry methodology is not always appropriate.

There is activity at industry level to:

  • Agree product definitions and definitions of terms to support harmonisation of nomenclature
  • To define the relevant categories
  • To gather preliminary data on approaches to analysis of e-cigarettes
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