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Next-generation talent


We’re looking for our next generation of leaders, and you could have just started on your journey to becoming one of them.

Undergraduate placements

Our undergraduate programme enables students, as part of their undergraduate sandwich degree, to develop their transferable skills in addition to gaining practical and technical experience in a scientific discipline and in a vibrant Research and Development environment.

We are looking for undergraduates, who are undertaking an industrial sandwich degree course across a range of disciplines including: Chemistry, Biological and Life Sciences, Forensic Science, Materials Science, Mathematics, Statistics, Engineering, Chemical Engineering, Electrical Engineering and Process Engineering.

Each year we hire 8-10 undergrads on 12-month placements, with recruitment taking place in December/January and placements commencing in September.

Undergraduate placements for 2018/19 are now open! Visit here for more information.
Graduate careers

The Challenge Initiative is your way to becoming our next-generation of leaders, spanning two years and forming the first crucial step on a structured, long-term career path.

Right from the start, you’ll be working on relevant research projects contributing directly to business goals, taking on increased levels of responsibility as you progress through the programme. The aim is to provide you with the knowledge and skills to meet our extremely challenging and demanding standards of excellence, testing and growing your scientific, leadership and project management skills.

Along the journey we will provide you with the support and guidance required to reach your potential, however the programme is intensive and requires consistent performance and dedication to succeed.

To find out more about The Challenge Initiative and search for current openings, visit .

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