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Why choose us?

Scientist at the bench

Our industry provides unique challenges to the scientific research we undertake, and we believe in recruiting the most talented individuals to bring unique differences and fresh ideas.

Whether an industrial student on placement, a university graduate or an experienced professional, we believe in our people to develop world-class tobacco & nicotine science.

Tobacco use causes serious disease, which is why for more than 50 years we have focussed on understanding cigarette smoke chemistry, it’s toxic constituents, smoking behaviour and trying to develop less-risky alternatives. Applying a multi-disciplinary approach, our scientists bring a wide range of experiences and academic backgrounds including materials science, plant biology, engineering, clinical studies, in vitro modelling, toxicology and more.

There are considerable challenges, but we are determined to make a real difference.

Visit our careers site  to learn more about our benefits, your career development and hear from some of employees why they chose a career at British American Tobacco.

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