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In vivo assessment

We prefer not to test our products on animals.  We do no routine animal testing at the moment and keep the subject under constant review.  We have invested in the development and use of alternative tests for many years, with the long-term aim of replacing all animal testing.

Most of our product assessment relies on scientific literature, chemical analyses and biological tests based on in vitro tests on cell cultures and clinical studies with volunteers.

Where there is no recognised alternative, animal testing using rodents occasionally has to be done to meet legal and regulatory requirements or public health expectations - particularly in the development area of new potential reduced-exposure products (PREPs). 

The US Institute of Medicine (IoM) review, 'Clearing the Smoke: assessing the base for tobacco harm reduction ', included animal research data in the list of information expected in PREP assessment.  It is also possible that researchers will develop animal models for smoking-related diseases that could be used to assess PREPs.

None of our laboratories has facilities for live animal work.  Any that has to be done is contracted to external research organisations, licensed by government authorities.

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