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This website is written specifically for scientists with an interest in tobacco-related research or related disciplines. We hope it may also be of interest to members of the public health and regulatory communities.
As a scientist you will be aware that apart from references to journal publications, the material has not been subject to formal external peer review.
For non-scientists there is a summary of our research on our corporate website Opens new window.

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David O'Reilly PhD
Group Scientific Director


"I believe that tobacco harm reduction has the potential to be one of the biggest public health opportunities of this generation.  Although the proportion of adults who smoke is likely to decline, population growth means that in 10-years time there will likely be as many or more smokers globally as there are today.  We are working towards producing a range of lower-risk products for the millions of adults globally who will continue to consume tobacco and nicotine products.  However, we recognise that the science is complex and that external opinion on tobacco harm reduction continues to be divided.  This is why we have made a long-term commitment to build the science base needed to determine whether new products will pose reduced health risks and to seek the support and guidance of the scientific, public health and regulatory communities in this."


Ames test adapted successfully to screen complex aerosols

The Ames test, a widely used method to determine whether a chemical has the potential to cause cancer, has been successfully adapted for use with cigarette smoke and other complex aerosols.

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Nicotine found to inhibit DNA-strand break caused by a certain carcinogen in smoke

A new in vitro study has revealed that nicotine and cotinine, a metabolite of nicotine, can potentially inhibit DNA damage caused by a certain carcinogen in smoke.

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Science and Technology Report 2014

Our first Science and Technology Report has been published, providing an overview of the research we are undertaking, why it is important and where we expect it to take us over the next few years.

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Published Papers
Our scientists write many papers which are both accepted and published around the world. Where possible, our manuscripts are published open access.
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